Motocross life!

Our company is mostly based on import and export of used enduro/motocross bikes and tuned parts. We felt market demant and by hard, succesive work we could make cool relations with dealers and private sellers, which resulted in total of 400 MX bikes exported in around 3 years. As soon as we met alot of people in industry- racers,tuners,graphic/clothes designers we decided to keep our import/export work and continue with creating more opurtinity to make MX world bigger and better!


Join US!

Team of motocross enthusiast, who want to create a better mx environment by performing  activities such as import/export of bikes(mostly), building motocross tracks, events, E-Shops, designing decals, racing clothes.We want to create a big motocross relationship over Europe mostly based on import and export of mx/enduro bikes and aftermarket parts. Website is created to show and prove some of our work.


MX Art!

We think that every bike hold a story. All of them are worth to renember. Our import/export company was beginning of our mx life, therefore many pictures are "amateur"

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Tuning,service of suspension/engine, buy/trade of bike,parts and accesory/ Motocross/enduro/supermoto.

If you have questions related to the above, write to US!


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